Fake News Highlight #1:

At NASA this evening, one Dr. Bon Bonnybon, while researching dark matter in his lab, was struck with a sudden realization. Since then his story has been spreading across the internet, and here is the latest from mangalcreation.com

In an interview with Dr. Bon Bonnybon, he answered the question “Is dark matter really God?” with the following words: “I’m afraid so. Scientists have been curious trying to solve the riddle of dark matter for years now but the answer is finally here. There’s nothing else that makes sense. The Bible says God is Alpha and Omega, while dark matter is also Alpha and Omega. Both are everywhere and nowhere at the same time, and it all makes sense now.”

Dr. Bon Bonnybon’s peers and colleagues are even more dumbfounded. NASA is celebrating this great discovery today and we can look forward to more news coming out of this story, so stay tuned!