Here at Mangal Creation we hope your day is going well. We operate under the website and here you can read about what our blog is all about.

Here are 3 things you should know about us!

  1. We interview employees from successful small businesses around Canada and the USA to see what their interpretation is of how the business they worked for became successful. For example we interview bagel makers to learn why a bagel shop did well or we interview oven repair experts to find out how an appliance repair company did well.
  2. We don’t cut corners in getting to the point. If we have something to say we’ll say it. For example, in trying to learn why an appliance repair company grew so large in a few years we’ll be honest with our finding and say it. The reason could be that the owner was an attractive lady who made a billboard, and that’s what we’ll say.
  3. We don’t feel sympathy for small businesses who after many years are still struggling for success. We might want to give you some pointers to get you off the ground but we will never stoop to your level and endorse your complaining. The chances are that if you’re an appliance repair business that after 20 years hasn’t grown, the fault is no one’s but your own. And if you still blame it on the city you live in then we ask you who’s fault is it that you didn’t move into a new city.